Invest in Oil and Gas with Cannon Operating

You could receive Monthly Cash Flow and Amazing Tax Benefits by investing with Cannon Operating

Cannon Operating offers oil and gas investment opportunities through direct participation programs and working interests.

Benefits include:
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Monthly passive income (mailbox money)
Monthly Cashflow not tied to stocks or real estate
Unique tax breaks
Diversification & substantial growth potential
Mitigated risk & lower volatility

What are the advantages of Oil & Gas investing with Cannon Operating?

Why Cannon Operating?

With a team backed by nearly half a century of industry experience, we have seen it all. We put all of that experience to work for you to achieve success.

Cannon Operating is an experienced owner operator. What that means for you is there is only one company you deal with from start to finish.

Since we are an operator, we handle every aspect of drilling, production, operations, and maintenance. Which means all you do is relax & receive monthly revenue.

Cannon operating has a proven track record of success from wells that we have been drilled all over the country. Including Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Texas.

Cannon Operating goes to great lengths to ensure that our investors are always in the loop when it comes to your investment.

Why Oil And Gas?

The old days of hunting for oil are gone, and modern technology reduces the need for the guess-and-check method significantly.

Depending on the well, oil and gas investing can offer some of the highest returns on investment that you will find anywhere.

Oil and gas wells pay out on a monthly basis. In many cases, wells can produce monthly income for you for decades.Oil and gas wells pay out on a monthly basis.

One type of deduction involves intangible drilling costs (IDCs). IDCs include a project’s fuel & labor costs. These IDCs make up around 70 to 85 percent of the cost.

Due much in part to the development of emerging nations and the rise of their middle class. There is plenty of room for financial growth with oil and gas.

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