Vision & Mission

Cannon Operating has a clear focus on oil and gas exploration. Based in Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana, Cannon Operating is an oil and gas exploration and production company that acquires and develops low risk onshore oil and gas working interests in proven basins in the united states. Such as the Red Forks, Bartlesville Sand, Simpson Dolomite, First Wilcox Sand and Second Wilcox located in Oklahoma. We also have oil and gas wells in The Goodland Lime, Saratoga and the Blossom Formations in Louisiana. Cannon’s oil and gas exploration activities are focused on adding profit generating production to existing core areas, and increasing its current operations



Cannon Operating’s vision is to be a leader in America’s quest for energy independence and to create an investment medium for qualified partners to take advantage of quality oil and gas drilling opportunities with a company that holds its self to the highest of ethical standards.


Our primary mission is to achieve success in the oil and gas sector through well researched and sound planning, provided by our expert team that ensures stability and the long-term growth of our base of production each year.

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