The following is written testimonial on behalf of Cannon Operating. I’ve done business with Canon Operating since July of 2013. dealing with Cannon has been a great experience they always go over all of the paperwork with me in details. I feel confident in what I’m investing in and they also explained that you have to be accredited. I have personally invested in four Wells, the first one was the Shawnee two from which I have seen the return of my Full investment plus over $100,000 And I’m still receiving checks from that well every single month. I and all other investors started receiving Checks on the Shawnee three oil well over three months ago I couldn’t be happier. ¬†We will soon be in the production phase of the Caddo Lake Project as well. I have always been updated from day one on progress and timeline and whether there Will be any delays by the Cannon Operating. I have had tremendous return on my money with Cannon Operating It’s not just a business I have become friends with William and the whole team at Cannon operating And I trust them I will continue to do business with William and Cannon operating because they are very trustworthy and have ¬†Proven success in the oil and gas projects that I have been involved in


Joe Ballard

Mesquite, Texas

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