The following is a written testimony on behalf of William Baker and Cannon Operating. I’ve been investing with William Baker and Cannon operating for almost two years my experience with William and Cannon has been very positive. William has never pressured me to invest with Cannon and has always made sure I understand the risks involved. Before investing I’ve always received project details and contracts which clearly state that there’s a high degree of risk with these investments. I’ve experienced successes and losses investing in Cannon oil well projects. William has personally and consistently kept me informed every step of the way. William takes the losses harder than I do, and never hesitates to proactively pick up the phone and call me day or night. Additionally William and I’ve had the opportunity to play golf together met a few times in the Cannon office. I feel that our business relationship has culminated into a friendship. I’ve been contacted by other companies to participate in their oil well projects but I feel most comfortable with Cannon Operating and William because of the personal relationship that we have built over the past two years. In conclusion I feel that Cannon works diligently to provide the best projects possible to put me in a position to earn some income and realize some tax relief. To date I’ve received over ninety thousand dollars net revenue from my investments with Cannon Operating. The payments and the corresponding documentation are always timely. I will continue doing business with William Baker and Cannon Operating because they are trustworthy and genuinely care about their partners.


Mark Fackler

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