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Multi Oil Well Drilling Program-Unique Tax Deductions

About Cannon Operating

Our team has helped clients realize profits from oil and gas investments while saving millions in taxes. We even have the capacity to assist you with buying producing oil wells.

Cannon provides individual investors access to industry level oil investments with a low cost of entry. Our projects can accommodate various levels of oil and gas investments.

About Our Oil Investments

  • No Management or Maintenance Requirements

  • Multi Well Programs (Meaning lower Risk)

  • High Probability Of Success

  • Consistent Monthly Revenue

  • Possibility Of 100% ROI in the 1st Year of Production $$$

  • Thorough Due Diligence Performed On All Prospects Offered

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The Shawnee # 2 Field Prospect

A multi well prospect in Pottawatomie County Oklahoma

Oil and Gas Investments

  • Proved Undeveloped (PUD) drilling location in a proven producing field; no wildcatting

  • Multiple wells being drilled (Gaffney 1-7 & Arthur 1-7); construction of the Gaffney 1-7 is currently underway

  • Extensive third-party geophysical/economic due diligence

  • Experienced management facilitating all phases of upstream operations

  • Tax advantaged investing

  • 1099s are dispersed annually

  • Straight-forward participation

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Oil And Gas Review And Testimonials



William Baker the CEO of Cannon Operating is a detail-oriented professional our companies worked together on a joint venture (oil and gas investment) project with Cannon operating as the venture manager William has provided excellent reporting on the status of the oil wells, and sound financial management. I’m looking successful well completions under Williams management.

Mark and Mathilda


We were curious about investing in oil investments with an oil and gas company because of the success that some of our friends had realized. We decided to received information from the oil and gas company of someone who we knew that worked at Cannon Operating. Well, we were curious. And we were also a bit skeptical of investing in oil wells so much of our money. It just seemed to good to be true. we asked a million questions and the team at Cannon was very patient with us and they walked us thru each one of the details about the oil and gas investment. we didn’t fully believe the ROI projections that Cannon showed us but we did realize after speaking with our accountant that there was a tax advantage for us which we sorely needed. We came to the conclusion that the tax advantage reduced the actual cash outlay a bit thus making the oil well investment and risk a bit more palatable for us. So we wrote the big check… our friends and family told us that we were crazy and that we’d never see any return on our investment. but we made many calls to Cannon Operating during that time to receive updates and assurances that this was not a scam. everyone we called responded promptly and patiently. the first check we received exceeded our expectations two fold and all of the subsequent checks have been even higher than that first check! its been a year now since we wrote the first check and the first seven months was a roller coaster of emotion but in the subsequent five months that we’ve been receiving checks on our initial investment, It basically has been fully paid and we’ll be cash flow positive beginning month thirteen. while we know that the well we invested in did exceed Cannon Operating’s expectations may or may not all do as well as our first oil and gas well investment opportunity. We’ve decided to continue investing in oil and gas opportunities with Cannon Operating because our experience has been so positive.


Maximize your ROI with oil and gas programs

If you are looking for the best investment returns, Cannon Operating offers various oil and gas investment opportunities through direct participation programs and working interests.

Investing in oil and gas provides several benefits to investors, including tax breaks, monthly passive income, and much more.

Finding the right oil and gas exploration company to collaborate with can be challenging. As a certified, licensed, bonded business, Cannon Operating is available for their business partners every step of the way. We provide a wide range of lucrative oil and gas investment opportunities in Oklahoma to qualified parties aiming to maximize their returns.

Browse through some of these oil and gas acquisition and development opportunities here.


Past And Present Oil And Gas Investment Opportunities