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Shawnee # 2 Field Prospect -Multi Well Drilling Program

Located approximately 20 miles Southeast of Oklahoma City, this prospect is structurally positioned on the west dipping flank of the Hunton Arch. The success of finding petroleum in this Prospect depends mostly on the entrapment of oil to be found in a topographic high created during the post-Hunton hiatus prior to burial by the overlying Woodford formation which is both a good source and a seal rock. This Prospect is analogous to the Hunton production in the Shawnee #1 and South Pink field located north of the proposed drill sites. The cumulative production from the Hunton in the South Pink field is 1,014,950 barrels through December 2013 from 6 wells. The Followill lease in the NW/4 of Section 30 has produced 502,633 barrels from two wells.

Located in northwest Kansas within the northern most portion of the Hugoton Embayment of the Anadarko Basin, Cannon’s acreage is wedged between the Central Kansas Uplift to the northeast and the Las Animas Arch to the west. Structural influence from these uplifts, combined with the Cambrian Arch to the north, has resulted in a series of cross trending north-northwest & northeast structures which can be low relief with irregularly shaped geometries. These structures provide a major component of the trapping mechanism for the hydrocarbon reservoirs underlying the area; can be challenging to locate from well control alone. Additional input utilizing geophysical technology has addressed that problem.

As identified in the structure maps in this prospectus, we will be offsetting the Shawnee #3 well to the south in the hart of the Hunton Structure. This should put us up-dip of the Shawnee #3 well and in a great position for commercial production.

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