After working against Barack Obama’s effort to halt fossil fuel exploration and curb climate change, Trump will complete his task, to do away with environmental policy within this week, signing two orders to enlarge offshore oil and gas drilling investments and bring back conservation on public lands.

President Trump’s executive order

President Trump signed an executive order on Wednesday, directing Ryan Zinke, his interior secretary to review all national monuments designated by the previous presidents under the Antiquities Act enacted in 1906. The main intention is to roll back the borders of secured lands, to open them for drilling, mining, and logging.

After that, the president is expected to make a follow up on Friday with another executive order purported to open up secured waters in the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans to permit offshore drilling. The order would help direct Mr. Zinke to scrutinize any Obama Administration plan that would hinder offshore drilling in the next few years. The Friday order is also expected to help lift a permanent ban that Mr. Obama issued in December 2016, to protect his environmental conservation legacy from Trump, who is allegedly a drilling enthusiast.

The initiative would begin to fulfill the major campaign policy that Trump anticipated would help create new energy sources and eventually elevate job opportunities and employment rates.

What are the experts saying?

Experts in the law have a different perspective, as they stated the reality is quite complicated. The orders enacted, would possibly not create job opportunities, or even generate new energy source shortly. Oil prices are around $50 a barrel, and more companies are investing in oil well drilling. Very few of them will dare take the risk to engage in costly offshore drilling activities.

Law experts also mentioned that the process of undoing Obama’s regulations is tedious and hectic. It would take more than a flick of Trump’s pen. All the legal challenges that the order would face could take several years to resolve completely. Without any action from the Congress, they could be upturned by Mr. Trump’s successor.

According to the managing director at Clear-View Energy Partner, the president can’t create jobs by signing a piece of paper, which rely on the combination of technology and economic, and yet he doesn’t control them directly.

Other concerned parties are on the move to support and celebrate Trumps orders. Some Oil and gas companies, along with Mr. Trump’s political supporters confidently agree with the executive order, as they think it will not produce new oil rigs in the few years ahead.

Environmentalists, on the other hand, have warned against drills, stating that it could lead to more devastating events and oil spills, similar to the one that took place in the Gulf of Mexico. The director of upstream issues for the AMI (American Petroleum Institute) said that the changes aren’t necessarily going to bring any significant improvement in gas and oil production shortly, but will eventually create job opportunities and economic advancements later.

The vice president of Oceana, Jacqueline Savitz still holds that offshore oil drilling investments is unnecessary and very dangerous.

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