The Subsea hydraulic intervention system had previously been utilized for the subsea remediation work.
It has now completed seven subsea projects. The project was conducted in the water depths ranging
from 2500 ft. to 7200 ft. The project commenced on November 2016.

From February through March this year, the recent live well operation was conducted. The operation
consisted of acid stimulation on the three wells with water depths of up to 7200 ft. The pressures were
up to 12500 psi. The sustained pump rates were 10bbl per minute. This was the first campaign certified
by BSEE to be conducted with hydraulic well intervention system. It was approved by the independent
third party to be compliant fully with the new well control regulations.


Acid Stimulation

The stimulation of gas, oil and injecting wells with acid is an old technology employed by gas and oil
investment firms. The technology and the science of acidizing, however, has undergone striking changes
in recent years. Acid stimulation may include a concise review of the tremendous amount of information
that has been gathered for a long period. It also includes a summary of chemistry, methods of
measurement of reactive fluids and reaction kinetics.

To use this method, there has to be a deep understanding of the latest design of information and
philosophies for both sandstone acidizing and carbonate. There has to be coverage of diversion, acid
corrosion control and acid additives. Latest models and measurement techniques should be included to
predict acid fracture conductivity, worm holing, rock dissolution and acid transport. There also has to be
current practices in acid safety, protection of the environment for this method to be effective and


Word from the vice president

The vice president of rentals and services for trendsetter engineering said that the deployment of the
STIM system was another major step for the trendsetter as they continued with the evolution from a
subsea hardware provider to a large offshore gas and oil service company. He also added that the
successful operations of the 15000 psi hydraulic intervention system on a well signaled the official entry
of the trendsetter into the subsea well-servicing market. He also said that they would work with the
offshore service Alliance Partners innovations and Halliburton to explore the good things the future
holds for the company and their innovation team at large.

The offshore service alliance was formed to allow the trendsetter engineering, Halliburton, and the C
innovation to leverage the companies’; capabilities and strength to provide integrate and value added
solutions for the subsea well intervention and inspection, repair, and maintenance.


About Trendsetter Engineering

Trendsetter engineering is a provider of specialized solutions for gas and oil investment across the
globe. It specializes in the solving of unconventional problems with the conventional field proven
technology in a crisis environment.