RN-Yuganskneftegaz, Rosneft’s largest oil producer, has set a new record for crude oil and condensate
daily production since the year 1986 of 549 tons per day. This was made possible due to the successful
implementation of a program of launching new wells, adding undeveloped reserves to development,
performing well interventions, an increase in efficiency of the equipment as well as starting of
production on Chupalsk License area ahead of the scheduled time. The company makes direct oil


Measures employed by the company

The company doubled the horizontal well- drilling rate. A new production reference mark was also
established during the construction of two horizontal casing well. The company also put in operation
wells with a horizontal length of 1500M.

The enterprise is outstripping the well intervention program. There was an increase in the volume of
additional oil production by 40 percent due to 382 more planned operations that were performed
within five months. There was an incremental growth of 4300 tons per day. This success was facilitated
by 10 percent increase in capacity of conducting tracking operations. The success was also aided by the
improvement of the quality of work performed in the direct oil investments by the company.


Future expectations

By the end of 2017, it is expected that RN-Yuganskneftegaz will also produce an addition of 11.5 million
tons of oil through the implementation of the good intervention program. The company will also
continue to develop hard to recover reserves and also introduce new technological solutions for the
drilling program. These achievements in production rate are an illustrative example of Rosneft’s
program of an efficient production from the mature fields.


Yuganskneftegaz’s Potential

Yuganskneftegaz has a significant potential to even increase the production of crude oil further from the
current production. This is a company that employs top of the top techniques when it comes to
production. The use of advanced recovery methods allows the company to keep a flat and even
increase of outputs even at the mature fields. Fields at Yuganskneftegaz are even integrated with the
regional transport infrastructure. This makes it easy for the company to transport their produce. Crude
oil is therefore exported and delivered to the domestic market through the nearby Ust-Balyk.


About Rosneft

Rosneft is the leader of the Russian’s petroleum industry and is the world’s largest publicly traded
petroleum company making direct oil investments. The main activities for this company include
prospecting and exploration of hydrocarbon deposits, gas, oil, upstream offshore projects, and product
marketing in Russia.

This company is included in the list of strategic companies and organizations of Russia. JSC
ROSNEFTEGAS Company that is wholly owned by the Russian government owns 50% of shares in Rosneft
Company. BP holds 19.75% of shares in the company. QHG shares Pte Ltd owns 19.5% of shares. Rosneft
is a global company that has its principal assets located in Russia. The company geography in the
exploration and production business segment comprises of all the essential gas and oil regions in Russia.
This includes Western and Eastern Siberia, Far East, South East Asia, Arctic shelf, Volga, and Ura Regions.