Petroleum Learning Center in Russia, owned by Heriot-Watt, receives software suite from CGG. The
donation includes licenses for training for each software solutions including Jason, Hampson Russel,
Velpro, Insight Earth and Earth model FT. The petroleum learning is a joint educational project of
Heriot-Watt University in Scotland and Tomsk Polytechnic University in Russia.

The Learning center was established in 2001 by Tomsk Polytechnic University. The Centre’s aim is to
train high-quality professionals to work in the current oil and gas investment companies. Qualified
graduates from the center are awarded two diplomas; one diploma from the British University and the
other diploma from the Russian University.


About CGG

This is a geosciences company that is fully integrated to provide a leading reservoir and geophysical
capabilities to their broad base of customers who come from the global gas and oil industry. CGG stands
for geology, geophysics, and reservoir. It has brought value in all aspects of natural recourses
exploitation and exploration. The CGG has created employment to approximately 5600 people around
the world. The employees get exposure to the best of the best technologies.


How will the Donation be of benefit?

This will be of great benefit to the learning center as it will enable the students to get real experience in
conducting practical projects and get experience with the real data involved in the oil and gas
investment companies.

The software will also help the students to master the latest technologies in the seismic interpretation
and also expand the scientific abilities of the professors, students, and researchers.
For young scientists to be able to explore their real potential in the oil industry and implement their
ideas, they have to explore the capabilities of the latest software in the industry.


What is best for young graduates?

The CIS regional manager Yuriy Smirnov said that they are very keen in supporting universities to train
skilled and knowledgeable graduates to become fully fledged geophysicists and provide value in the oil
and gas investment companies. Enough practice plus theory is the best way for young graduates to
make a smooth transition from the school and their respective working environment. He also said that a
good background gives the graduates an excellent start in their career.

Oil and gas are one of the world’s most used minerals. Investing in the field is no doubt beneficial and
increases economic growth. The donation will, therefore, be of benefit to many stakeholders including;
the students, professors, employers, companies, and the countries at large. The latest software helps to
discover the most efficient and effective ways in the mining industry. This will enable the graduates to
bring more innovations in the oil industry hence increasing productivity.

The software suit received by the petroleum learning center in Russia owned by Heriot Watt from CGG
will be of great benefit for both the students at the center and also the oil and gas industry at large.