After Elefsina Hydrogen plant unexpectedly closed down on the 10th of July, Hellenic has not yet given
out the exact cause of the technical hitch that he said took place. With already set plans to shut down
for maintenance starting early September all the way to March next year, Hellenic has decided that the
maintenance process should kick off during the current unplanned shut down period. With confidence
that he can still handle all his supply demands, Hellenic is promising to bring back Elefsina bigger and
better than before.


The mix-up

After giving out the dates for maintenance, Hellenic still had to commence his maintenance plans
unwillingly. He became victim to one mistake that most oil and gas firms do; focus too much on
production overlooking the little vital pieces that run the whole plant.

It is clear that the July impromptu shut down of Elefsina plant was due to technical errors that took too
long to be sorted. The good news is he is still able to handle business as usual.

Current oil companies take a serious interest in the ability of technology to make their processes easy
and better. With the right systems in place, an oil plant can take care of itself in that it is capable of
measuring things like pressure, temperature and even detect weak points on vessels that hold and
transport oil and gas.


What to expect

Hellenic has termed the ongoing maintenance process as “a turnaround”. This can only mean that the
plant is yet to be installed with the latest technology in oil and gas industry. This is a certain assumption
as it is the only way to avoid having to deal with what he is now.

This also means that more pure gas shall be obtained leading to more supply to his respective markets
around the world. He forced to make a gas drilling investment that will ensure the plant is up and
running for the longest time possible. We also expect new vessels to be put in place among other
modern equipment in the plant. The maintenance process is projected to end in September unless


It’s business as usual

A smart oil and gas company understand that some uncertainties may arise at any given time. That is
why back up comes in handy especially if you do not want to lose what you already built. Hellenic
comfortably rescheduled the maintenance process knowing that his Aspropyrgos refinery (148,000-b/d)
and Thessaloniki refinery (93,000-b/d) are up to the challenge.

We are still looking forward to knowing what exactly caused Elefsina refinery to shut down on such
short notice as Hellenic and his team is still investigating the technical hitch. One lesson learned from
the occurrences is that in this industry you need to be prepared for all sorts of risks or else you will be
forced to carry out your maintenance activities earlier than you expected and it could be worse if you do
not have other plants to supply your market.