An increase in demand for natural gas in Egypt has pushed for the country to import gas from
neighboring countries. However, new gas deposits discovered in the country may put an end to all this.
According to Egypt’s petroleum minister Tarek El Molla, the newly discovered fields namely Zohr, North
Alexandria and Nooros are expected to significantly increase natural sufficient in the country by the end
of 2018.

Although Egypt’s natural gas production has increased significantly between 2016 and 2017, the
domestic demand for the vital commodity is still too high. The petroleum minister is confident that by
the beginning of 2019, the three newly discovered gas fields will produce a total of 4.6bn cf of gas per


Gas production expected to rise by 100%

Tarek El Molla is willing to do business with any interested oil Investment Company in 2020 after
launching gas extractions from the new gas reserves. With 100% gas production increase expected,
Egypt will have enough gas to take care of both its domestic and export demands as well.
The demand for gas is presenting an excellent opportunity for gas companies to invest in as more
people around the world are abandoning the ancient energy sources which are less efficient and out
dated. Tables are about to turn in 2020 as Egypt is looking forward to stopping all its natural gas imports
and instead become the dominant exporter in the region.


All eyes on Egypt

Any global gas company right now should be focused on Egypt. From importing gas to 100% production,
Egypt will be having more than enough gas to supply around the world. Gas production in Egypt is
expected to rise to higher percentages as it is suspected that more abundant gas reserves have not yet
been discovered.

Egypt is in a position to become a major shot caller in the gas industry, and there are high chances that it
will enter the big league with some of the countries that have a big natural gas supply like Algeria and
Saudi Arabia. According to experts, Egypt’s has the potential to affect global gas business as reduced
prices are expected.


Egypt domestic gas supply expected to double up

The current gas exploration and development in Egypt predicts that more gas consumers in the country
will emerge. This is simply because gas prices are expected to drop with a high percentage. With gas
import about to be converted to gas export, we expect various countries and companies to focus on
Egypt for their daily supply.

Egypt is about to enjoy a big boost in its economy now that it will have a tool of the trade that is highly
demanded across the world. Egypt government is looking forward to partner with international gas
suppliers to enable them to spread their market.

Currently, the country is working on business deals with liquefied natural gas suppliers, a move that will
redesign the whole gas industry of the country come the year 2018.