Setting yourself up for a fantastic retirement all starts with having a great plan. To retire comfortably, you need the help and advice of investment experts on the right type of investment portfolio that suit your retirement goals and maximize returns on your IRA.

Traditional IRA investment portfolio consists of stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Investments are also sometimes held in non traditional asset class such as real estate and or publicly traded securities such as options, futures or other derivatives. Another favorite non traditional asset class is precious metals. This has for a long time been a great way to diversify the investment portfolio of your IRA. They also serve as an inflationary hedge for your portfolio.

In recent times, experts are becoming more daring and are looking beyond gold bullion to black gold—oil and the reasons are not far-fetched. As global demand for oil continue to rise, with the U.S. consuming more oil than it produces, the potential for increased domestic production on American soil is promising. Advancement in technology now offers the promise of tapping previously unreachable oil fields. North Dakota has produced record-setting oil output month after month and reaping the rewards of low unemployment and enormous profit. Meanwhile, the booming production at the shale fields in Texas have jumped by more than a third over the last year and production now outpaces even that of North Dakota. The future of Oil still burns bright!


There is no better time than now to turn your IRA into black gold. All indices points to an improved fortunes for oil in the future as even the U.S. is in the midst of an oil renaissance and this makes for very profitable investment opportunities. For instance, the Koch Pipeline Company has just proposed the construction of a new pipeline that would carry crude oil from North Dakota to Illinois. In addition to profit, there are tax incentives for investment in oil and gas. Where some ventures may seem risky or the potential for profit unlikely, investing in the black gold could serve as a hedge against high-risk investments and inflation. The revenue from a consistently producing well may pay off for many years.On the global market, oil still commands a fair price. The global crude oil price forecasts from the OECD in June 2016 shows 2017 oil prices flat at $50 per barrel. In contrast, according to the April 2016 estimate of the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), oil prices will go up in 2017, because oil consumption will outstrip production. Over a 40 year period, the price of oil have continued on a steady rise up until 2012 from which time there has been a decline in price but that is not to say that the future of Oil is bleak as the world Bank published forecast shows a resurgence in the price of oil due to growing industrialization of developing countries and increased demand for petrol and petroleum-based commodities.

Turning your IRA into an oil well offers you an opportunity to hold your investment in a secure portfolio, one that is certain to maintain or increase its value over a given period.

Turning your IRA into black gold can take diverse forms. The most common is investing in oil sector ETFs. Oil sector ETFs refers to ETFs that holds stocks of companies in the Oil and gas industry. These funds are an easy way for investors to gain exposure to the Oil and gas industry. They are diversified, which can reduce the volatility of the investment compared to holding the stock of a single energy company.

Investors may also hold the stocks for individual oil companies in their IRA. This method allows investors to pick their specific holdings. Investors may want to look at companies within the mid or small-capitalization space that can allow for greater price appreciation. Some investors may wish to pick the part of the oil industry in which they make their investments. Since the oil industry is so massive, there are many types of companies up and down the supply chain. Income-oriented investors may want to focus on companies that pay high dividends currently, or companies that are likely to grow dividends in the future.

Investors can tailor their IRA investments in the black gold to fit their specific risk profiles be it ETFs, individual oil companies or in Oil commodities. Whatever you choose within the oil and gas industry, your IRA will act as a shareholder and potentially garner great profit.