Spurred on by dropping oil prices and the rising demand for domestic drilling, many Americans are investing in oil and gas wells. The benefits include a monthly passive income, unique tax breaks, diversification of your investment portfolio and substantial growth potential, as well as mitigated lower risk and lower volatility. All of these benefits sound great, but how do you choose a company to invest with?
Serious investors who are interested in getting involved in the oil and gas industry on the ground floor should seek out an owner operator with a successful track record. An owner operator is a company that drills and operates its wells and distributes the revenue. Directly investing with an owner operator means that you will only be dealing with one company from the beginning of your project to the end. This makes it simple to invest.
Cannon Operating makes it easy and rewarding to invest in oil and gas exploration. We are an owner operator and have a long track record of success in the industry. We work very closely with our investors to create low risk, high reward investment opportunities. If you have land that you would like to lease for oil and gas exploration or are looking to get involved in the oil and gas industry in other ways, visit CannonOperating.com today and contact us about your options. Our experienced staff will get in touch with you to discuss the various opportunities available to you.

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