5 Reasons You Need to Invest in U.S. Oil Now

When people start searching for ways to invest, they immediately think their money is best used to back stock markets and real estate.

But, there’s a new player on the block that’s changing the investing game: U.S. oil.

More investors are choosing to invest in oil because of the amazing benefits offered like tax breaks, passive monthly income, and monthly cash flow that isn’t tied up in real estate or stock markets. And, when you see how well oil projects are doing in the United States, you’ll agree.

These are the five most significant reasons to invest in U.S. oil now:

It’s Cheap

One of the biggest reasons more investors are choosing to back U.S. oil projects is that it’s cheap to drill in the United States. Muhammed Ghulam, an analyst at Raymond James who covers the sector, has stated that prices could plunge to 20% and we’d still see a decent amount of increase in production.

Oil Companies Are Choosing Low-Risk Projects

After the oil market crash in 2008, oil companies are investing time, money, and resources on low-risk, high-reward projects. This is great news for investors because it means that projects are more likely to be successful and investors are more likely to see higher numbers in their monthly passive income.

There Have Been Enormous Improvements In Shale Drilling

Now more than ever before, companies have made vast leaps in their ability to drill for natural gas in shale formations successfully. Shale gas is one of the fastest growing trends in U.S. domestic energy exploration and production. This emerging trend is a great (and safe) option for investors and oil companies who get in early.

Companies Now Have Better Technology

To drill shale gas, companies needed to create and use better drilling technology. Oil companies have pulled through and discovered efficient technologies that help extract shale gas: hydraulic fracturing, horizontal drilling, and microseismic imaging.

Companies Are Committed To Making Disciplined Decisions

Just as they’ve focused on choosing low-risk projects, companies have also learned to budget better and make disciplined decisions to avoid bankruptcies or major job cuts due to expensive or high-risk project choices.

Investing in U.S. oil is quickly gaining popularity as more people are seeing the value of committing to our own nation’s natural resources.

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Source: money.cnn.com/2018/05/29/investing/oil-prices-analysis-opec-shale/index.html