The Permian Reef of the Guadalupe Mountains and Carlsbad Caverns makes up the rim of a full Save Rock feature in West Texas known as the Permian Basin. Due to the relationship between the rocks of the Guadalupe Mountains Carlsbad Caverns area and the rocks found deep in the Permian Basin geologists were able to discover that this area contains The largest continental oil and gas reserves found in the lower 48 states the Permian Basin museum is all about the oil and here in the East Wing you learned a little bit about the 500 million years of technological history they resulted The massive oil and gas field here in the Permian Basin in this room you can up close and personal look at the rocks that were involved in making The Permian Basin the petroleum Reservoir Basin that it is today over 12 billion barrels of oil have been produced from the Basin and recovery of the oil and gas in the area continues to this day but the knowledge of its formation lies in its past one of the highlights of the museum is this model of the 230 million year old Permian Reef you can see many of the strange and unusual organisms That made up The Reef The airy Permian Reef display shows that this part of the world was once under water and looked almost alien at one time other exhibits in the museum help explain the vast history of the formation of the Texas landscape from this deep well core that shows Rock dating back to the pre-Cambrian era like the talking marble rock we thought earlier to more modern wildcatting back in the day drill is used to put nitroglycerin down the well hold the free up the formation and try to get more oil out of it here at the Museum you can get a more up-close-and-personal look at what that was like Travel and Recreation are great opportunities for natural resource education and excursions like Pioneer Natural Resources offers a better understanding of the natural world Educators and the classroom.

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