oil is a mixture of liquid hydrocarbons that are found in sedimentary but along with gasses and solids that is to say gasps for bituminous as well as other substances of fossil large all the molecules of hydrocarbons are made up of only two atoms of carbon and hydrogen.

 it is the quantity of carbon in the molecule that determines the state of the hydrocarbon gases up to four atoms liquid from five to 16 and solid more than 16 hydrocarbons are non-renewable energy source and are formed over a very long period of time the most favorable locations for the formation of hydrocarbons are places like the seabed characterized by the continuous flow of tetrakis from rivers over millions of years.

The accumulated rock sand and clay mixed with animal and vegetable organisms and microorganisms are compacted forming the basis of Sedimentary the organic substances trapped in the rock the so-called mother rock are transformed at certain depth and under pressure and high temperatures first into carriages and then into hydrocarbons the whole process takes between 10 and 100 million years.

hydrocarbons that are lighter than water tends to rise up and spread laterally through permeable rock in some cases they rise to the surface and disperse in others they arise blocked by a layer of impermeable Rock in the shape of a dome that tracks.

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