There are a lot of oil and gas companies in the United States; and when I say a lot of companies I mean A LOT OF COMPANIES. In fact in the state of Texas alone, there are more than 2000 registered Oil and Gas companies. That’s not even counting the thousands of “companies” that are not registered and following compliance laws. So it would only be natural for a person to think to themselves “Who is Cannon Operating Co anyways, and why do I care.” Well your in luck. This article will give you a brief synopsis of who Cannon Operating is as a company and what we could possible do for you, if you choose to participate with us in the future.

Cannon Operating is an oil and Gas Owner Operator. What that means is we find, drill, produce, manage every project that we bring to marked personally. The company was started because the current market status had become stagnant, idle, and certainly not stable. Cannon Operating Co takes pride in our unique company style. Cannon Operating Co has higher principals. We have stepped up to the plate, because our company can tackle the job of improving your success and generating more revenue.


We can offer industry level opportunities to an individual investor. Our job is to educate you on how to evaluate a project so that you will increase your wealth. We will assist in the creation, and also help to maintain a strong foundation for the energy recovery efforts. Cannon will make the initial investment prior to asking for a partnership.


Let Cannon Operating Co help you to get a positive return on your investment. You’re our priority. Right now is a good time to diversify your portfolio. Cannon can help. We have almost half a century of combined experience as a company, and we are committed to using the PACE strategy to help ensure success.


Here is your personal invitation to join cannon operating on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Along with connecting with Cannon through social media, you will also find some very valuable news posts on our walls. More Knowledge is power, in any day and age. When you read our Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin page, you will see our company commitment to producing more oil at home and less importing from overseas. The better you get to know Cannon  Operating Co, you will be able to decide for yourself that you can trust that this

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