Have you ever thought about investing in oil and gas? With new advancements in oil locating technology, the various rewards far outweigh the risks. It is now possible to use high-tech scientific techniques to accurately determine the ideal location to drill an oil well instead of relying on the “guess and check” method. When you begin a partnership with Cannon Operating, a whole world of exciting opportunities opens up. When you work with us, you can enjoy the substantial cash flow and tax benefits that come with investing in oil and gas.
In our blogs, we discuss topics that are relevant to our industry. Posts can be about anything from investment benefits, to scientific advancements in oil and gas production and exploration, to recent projects that we completed. If you are interested in learning about oil and natural gas, or you are seriously considering becoming an investor, go ahead and subscribe!
Cannon Operating is an oil and natural gas exploration company that works with investors to create and operate oil wells in the United States. Our company strives to give Americans the opportunity to free themselves from foreign oil and unstable markets. With over half a century of industry experience and a proven track record of success, Cannon Operating is the smart choice for oil and gas investing.

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