Cannon Operating’s ultimate mission is to lead the way to energy independence in America. We plan to do that by working with investors to create onshore oil wells in Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. Soon, we will be expanding our oil prospects to Kansas as well.  When we dig a well in Shawnee, Oklahoma, or Caddo Lakes, Louisiana, we’re investing in the future of the United States.

You too can be a part of this effort. By leasing land for oil drilling, not only are you securing significant benefits for yourself, but you are also providing Americans with an alternative to foreign oil.
Energy production is a critical part of the American economy. Because the cost of energy continues to rise, it is now more important than ever to begin using our own petroleum reserves. Producing our own oil and natural gas not only helps reduce the cost of petroleum, but it also creates jobs. Cannon Operating’s domestic oil drilling effort will expand economic activity in the United States by allowing easier access to oil and gas, and will reduce our trade deficit by lowering our expenditure on foreign oil.
The well we recently dug in Shawnee, Oklahoma is one of many that will help America gain its energy independence. Visit today to find out how you can join our mission.

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