Here at Cannon Operating we work hard to inform our potential partners about our company and how to invest in oil wells. The most frequently asked question by our potential investors is how many of your wells make a profit. We can safely say that two out of three wells that are drilled by Cannon Operating are successful. Investing in oil wells has a risk just like the stock market. However, we do everything possible to mitigate that risk for our investors. If an individual invest in a six to ten well package. The odds are in their favor that a positive return on their investment can last anywhere from three to twenty five years. Typically, in oklahoma wells produce more barrels per day. But the well does not last as long on average. About three to seven years in louisiana you might not get as many barrels per day but you could have a well can pay you dividends for twenty to twenty-five years. These numbers are typically consistent with formerly drill fields. To learn more about Cannon and how you can enjoy a long-term positive return on your investment. Give us a call we’d be happy to answer any questions that you might have.

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